Who We Are

Plant Food + Wine is a Chef's and a Restaurateurs dream. A space that combines all of the elements into one naturally beautiful space design for creative expression, enjoyment and ultimately sharing a great meal with friends, loved ones, or perhaps alone with a great book. It is so rare to have the opportunity to serve guests in a setting that allows us to grow some of our own ingredients, sit under olive and fig trees, highlight our sustainable wine in its own bungalow and surround the experience with all of the elements.

We are not a typical restaurant with a specific formula and concept. Instead, PFW is an organic, always-changing environment. Constantly being planted and pruned, modified with new pieces of natural and manmade art, an evolving menu, and even a few friendly squirrels, hummingbirds, and butterflies share in the experience with our guests. The one constant is our commitment to sourcing the best ingredients, constantly innovating, and providing our guests with a truly authentic and welcoming experience.